SSP Learning Management System
SSP Training Server LMS is answer to all your training related needs. SSP Training Server LMS is a fully web enabled Learning Management System that manages your organization's training process through out its geographical presence.
SSP Training Server is a comprehensive, flexible and robust LMS with wide variety of features:
For Learners:
User-friendly browser based interface to make learning process easy and smooth
Helps increasing learning effectiveness by constant feedback, skill assessment, testing and evaluation
Flexible training programs that can be chosen by tutors or by learner himself
Various levels of skills assessment to get the accurate information of an individual or a group performance
Training server LMS automatically structures the training program for learner based on one's current competency level
Discussion Forum to communicate with peers across the organization and also to contact their respective training managers or tutors
For Training Managers / eCoaches:
  Manages the statistics of an individual or the whole organization with complete progress report.
  Graphical representation of available data for better understanding
  Track individual progress & feedback
  Propose training programs for individual learner or for a group
  Discussion Forum to communicate with peers or with learners
SSP Mastermind
SSP Manager
SSP Interactive Server
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