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In an industry that is sensitive to dynamic market forces, cost fluctuations and manufacturing responsiveness, there are many benefits to be gained from investing in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. ERP applications have shifted from assisting after-the-fact monitoring to real-time analysis, control and forecasting; and from facilitating standardization, economies to scale and cost reduction in production, to enabling fast, flexible and accurate response and customization.


With high degree of expertise in major ERP applications, ShaktiSoft Projects provides sophisticated strategies, sound development practices, and managed support for all your enterprise applications services - at single or multiple locations. These solutions are typically integrated with Supply Chain, E-procurement, E-Commerce, E-Learning and CRM applications.


We combine an integrated solutions approach, experienced project teams, offshore delivery, and strong technology practices on Oracle Applications, SAP and PeopleSoft suite of applications. Our emphasis on best practices in Oracle Financial and Oracle Inventory management, business process expertise, and commitment to quality have made us first choice for leading organizations around the globe.

We deliver innovative combinations of services on Oracle applications, including:
Oracle applications planning, customization, and implementation
Network assessment, infrastructure design, integration, and security
Methodology to upgrade and scale the technical infrastructure
Professional project and change management
Secured support for remote users across your enterprise
Effective knowledge transfer from our consultants to your staff
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