SSP Learning Management System

Learning management environment from ShaktiSoft Projects is a web based learning management system. ShaktiSoft Projects's LMS (SSP LMS) provides a feature rich suite based on Microsoft technologies and is scalable to support organization's expanding e-learning strategies. The following block diagram provides an overview of our LMS.

LMS Server is a 3-tier application written as Active Server Pages residing on Microsoft's Internet Information Server. The LMS is responsible for delivering the learning contents and managing the interaction between various components of the LMS. It is designed to allow integration with e-learning components from other vendors in the market.


Content Repository is a collection of files like HTML, Flash, XML objects etc. SSP-LMS has support for contents complying with IMS and other open standards. This repository is referred while delivering the learning session contents to a learner's computer. Some of the server side application logic resides in the database in the form of objects like stored procedures, triggers etc.

Technical specifications
Server Operating System
Windows 2000 & NT
ASP3, XML, Flash
Database *
SQL Server 2000, SQL Server 7, Oracle 8i
* Database can be any RDBMS. SSP-LMS has already been implemented using SQL Server 6.5/ 7 / 2000, Oracle 8i.

ShaktiSoft Projects offers various Learning Management Systems, to meet your diverse needs.

SSP Mastermind
SSP Training Server
SSP Manager
SSP Interactive Server
Some of the common features in all our technologies are:
Web based
Course management
Third party content integration
Customized flavor matching client's corporate preference
Highly scalable
Various hosting options : internet, intranet, extranet
Excellent tools for analysis and reports
Support for each organization's hierarchy
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