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User Experience


The heart and soul of any successful web-based business is a pleasant user experience. It's what adds value to every interaction, transforming prospects into customers-and customers into enthusiastic advocates for your product or service. At ShaktiSoft Projects, creating an enriched user experience is a key element of our comprehensive e-Business solution.


We develop a total online experience in accordance with the client organization's e-Business Strategy. Based on your specific business model we:


Create a comprehensive Web architecture designed to meet your business objectives

Develop a user interface that builds your online brand, encourages user interaction and makes doing business with your company easier and more satisfying

Provide the technical expertise to deliver rich user functionality while ensuring rock-solid reliability, efficient scalability and seamless integration with other business systems and resources


Throughout the process, we work closely with our client company to develop a user experience flexible enough to meet the rapidly evolving needs of today's e-Buess environment.

Strategy & Architecture
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