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QA Platform and Tool Selection

Once a QA process has been defined, platforms and tools meeting the specific requirements of the process need to be selected to implement it. Our Architects or Senior QA engineers define the requisite QA environment or platform, including tools needed to execute or manage different phases of QA process, to effectively carry out the complete QA process.


To recommend and/or build the appropriate QA environment and automation tools needed for the specific software system.


Recommendation of QA environment and QA automation tools, which will ensure optimal and efficient execution and delivery of the defined Quality Assurance processes for the specific software system.


The Quality Assurance platform, which will drive the testing efforts of your software, will be an important decision in successful delivery of the software. The architecture, scalability, implementation and usage are some of the issues that will determine the environment. A real-time embedded system software puts a different set of requirements on the QA platform and tools as opposed to a Web based e-commerce software even though the steps to be taken in the QA process may be more or less similar.


Many companies choose an automated test tool only to find that it ends up as shelf-ware and not test-ware. A QA automation tool may or may not be required for a project. Some times it may not even exist even if required. The first decision is of the necessity and the second of the decision to build or buy depending on the suitability to the task in hand. Our QA architects will identify an appropriate automation tool for your QA environment and provide you with the comparative evaluation report.

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