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QA Process Engineering

Each software system has unique requirements in terms of approach needed to ensure quality. Our QA architects define the systematic approach or methodology for quality assurance of particular software system, be it embedded or system software, high-availability business application or n-tier web application. This encompasses the complete Software Development Life Cycle and defines the QA Life Cycle for the software.


Software QA Engineering involves the entire software development process - monitoring and improving the process, making sure that any agreed-upon standards and procedures are followed, and ensuring that defects are found and remedied. It is oriented towards 'prevention' rather than just 'correction'.


Our QA process engineering focuses on the following critical processes:

Management of Requirements Changes
Development process
Standards Definition
Configuration Management
Quality Assurance Life Cycle customization specific to type of Software system

Our expertise is based on years of software development and project management experience. We believe that QA processes that are well documented, automated and well entrenched into the culture are long-term investments rather than one-time expenditures. Good QA processes, if institutionalized, will increase the effectiveness of your software development resources. Not once, but repeatedly. It doesn't just help to resolve today's challenges: it strengthens your capabilities for future growth.

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