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QA Testing Process Management

Timely delivery of a quality software system depends heavily on the effective management of the QA testing process along with the Software Development process. Managing the QA testing process involves setting up of test environment, test plan development and execution, QA & Software development team interaction, defect tracking and fix release acceptance, minimum quality criterion determination for releases and delivery.




Manage the Quality Assurance process for a software project. Building the appropriate control process, implementing it and managing it.


The management of the QA process starts with the design reviews and extends up to the implementation and post implementation monitoring. The inter-workings of design reviews, code reviews and release engineering are crucial processes to manage as they are part of the interaction between software development team and QA engineering... Configuration management, which entails sorting out development environment, test environment and a production environment also concerns QA process management.. With various kinds of technologies in place and with n-tier architecture, it is often more complex than it seems like.


QA is obviously concerned with errors, faults, failures, situations and incidents. A test is the act of exercising software with a test case. The precursor of testing is to determine a set of test cases for the software system being tested. The act of testing entails establishing the necessary pre-conditions, providing the test case inputs, observing the outputs, and then comparing these with the expected outputs to determine whether or not the test passed. Each test case should have any identity, and a reason for being. The test cases need to be developed, reviewed, used, and saved. Our QA process management effectively manages all these testing steps.

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